D-Day 75th Anniversary – A Millennials Guide

I was Executive Editor on D-Day 75th Anniversary – A Millennials Guide for Monroe Publications, and I contributed the “Plans for the Invasion” chapter and four subchapters in the “D-Day in Popular Culture” chapter. Editing this was a new experience for me. The chapters were written by 20 different authors and, in addition to the expected historical articles about D-Day and World War II, the book covers a broad range of subjects ranging from a guide to the historical locations depicted in the Band of Brothers HBO miniseries to a chapter on “Pets and Mascots” to a look at the world shaped by World War II. Check out the TOC pages below, and you’ll see what I mean; click each of the three to enlarge it. You can also see this great review by Rick Martin on ArmchairGeneral.com.