Thanks for stopping by. Let me tell you a little about my work.


My published credits include over 1,000 articles for magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and websites, as well as short fiction in genre and literary publications. As a freelancer I’ve had the opportunity to write about such wildly diverse topics as healthcare, education, tourism, Romania and South Africa in World War II, Abraham Lincoln’s re-election, pinball machines, and a host of other subjects.

A new series from Grave Distractions Publishing, West Virginia Histories, presents in book format an award-winning newspaper column I researched and authored for over 16 years about people and events in West Virginia’s history. The column, titled “Once, Long Ago,” appeared each Sunday in my hometown newspaper, the Clarksburg Exponent Telegram.

Swick writes with accuracy and humor and his unique and quirky style makes reading his work an easy pleasure.

Gerald D. Swick makes history fun . . . History buffs, teachers and anyone looking for a well told story will find something here.


I also authored a coffee-table book for Turner Publishing, Historic Photos of West Virginia, a gift to the state where I grew up.

His prose is colorful and informative. – Goldenseal magazine

Absolutely absorbing. – Wonderful West Virginia magazine


My editing projects include Haley Elizabeth Garwood’s Swords Across the Thames (a finalist for Romantic Times‘s Historical Novel of the Year); and a Y/A dystopian series, Eternal Apocalypse, by New York Times bestselling author E.E. Isherwood, D-Day 75th Anniversary – A Millennials Guide; and Stacy A. Cordery’s Photo History of Theodore Roosevelt among others.

Gerald’s critique of my early writing and his recent editing of my (science fiction) books were two critical pieces of my success as a self-published author. – E.E. Isherwood