Digital Editor for websites of Weider History Group, world’s largest publisher of history magazines. Assigned, edited and fact-checked work by freelancers (articles, reviews, quizzes and blogs) on HistoryNet, ArmchairGeneral, and GreatHistory sites. Authored or modified existing articles for SEO purposes.

Project Editor, Turner Publishing. Assisted in selecting images for the company’s historic photos coffee-table book series; edited and fact-checked text submitted by freelancers; confirmed text and images matched; insured licensing requirements for photos were met.

Testing Materials Editor, McGraw Hill Education Division. Proofread standardized tests (No Child Left Behind), checking spelling, punctuation, context, HTML, etc.

Project coordinator/editor, Abco Dealers, Inc. Supervised two other staffers as we edited and updated a catalog of over 10,000 medical supplies.

Game section editor, Model Retailer trade magazine. New product information, trade show reports, and other articles.

Executive Editor, D-Day, 75th Anniversary – A Millennials Guide (Monroe Publications, 2019)
Edited, proofed, and fact-checked 315-page book with chapters written by 20 different authors. Click here to see TOC.

Edited best-selling author E.E. Isherwood‘s Eternal Apocalypse YA dystopian novels. Provided editorial guidance on Isherwood’s previous series, Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Edited historic novels Swords Across the Thames and Ashes of Britannia (nominated Best Historical Novel of 2002, Romantic Times), by Haley Elizabeth Garwood

Provided editorial guidance, Obscene Notions mystery novel by Dianna Simms

Edited 24-page special supplement, Business Horizons magazine

Proofread, fact-checked and edited 2,000 pages of raw transcripts from interviews with World War II veterans for Nashville Public Library Foundation, for the Foundation to publish as a series of ebooks.

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